Do you love unique stones from around the world? Are you looking for jewelry that's made with intention and designed to last a lifetime?

For me, the answer to these questions is a resounding “Yes!” My name is Jeannie Trelles, and I'm the designer and maker behind Vikse Designs.

Vikse designer Jeannie Trelles

 Vikse Designer Jeannie Trelles

For as long as I can remember, I've loved collecting stones—especially Lake Superior Agates—and making jewelry. I combined both of these passions in 2009 when I began Vikse Designs. My first stone jewelry consisted of beads and crocheted bezels (my Grandma Vikse taught me to crochet as a child). I began taking silversmithing classes in 2014 and lapidary classes shortly thereafter. Learning these new skills opened up a whole new world of design possibilities for me, and my work developed into what it is today. Each piece of Vikse jewelry is hand-fabricated by me, using traditional metalsmithing techniques.

The process of cutting agate cabochons

The process of making Lake Superior Agate cabochons

I'm always on the hunt for unique stones I can use in my jewelry, whether I'm collecting them myself on the beach, cutting cabochons from slabs, or purchasing finished stones from other lapidary artists. I'm constantly amazed by the beauty of the stones I use—it's hard to believe they formed naturally, sometimes millions of years ago. My goal with Vikse is to turn my treasured stone collection into wearable art for you to love and be inspired by every day.